Welcome to the 全球人文中心

The 全球人文中心 hosts lectures and films dedicated to exploring the human condition in the 21st Century.


The 正规澳门赌场网络 invites you to participate in the 全球人文中心 lecture series. CGH events introduce UNE students and members of the wider community to scholars whose work explores humanity’s most pressing issues. Each event begins with a catered reception where we share good food and drinks and welcome the speaker.

It is our hope that by taking a timeout from our hectic modern lives to gather and think deeply about a topic, 我们的客人会发现丰富, 感受一种社区意识, and cultivate the breadth of knowledge to face with confidence the decisions we encounter as global citizens.  

All we ask is that you arrive with an open mind and an eagerness to learn. Our speakers represent viewpoints from across various ideological spectra, so you will almost certainly disagree with some of their ideas and agree with others. 这绝对没问题. We believe the respectful exchange of ideas is essential to the health of society and strive to be a pillar of UNE’s 思想市场 倡议.

The public lectures offered an opportunity to engage with students from different majors and the local Maine community. 经常, a community member would pose a question that would prompt a new thought that I had yet to consider. The dialogue that would follow between the community member and speaker enhanced my understanding of the topic.”

— E. Mackenzie Greenleaf, 健康 科学s ’23 

Five U N E undergraduate students pose together at a 全球人文中心 lecture


正规澳门赌场网络本科生, the center offers the chance to supplement their education with lectures that convey some of the latest knowledge being created today while engaging with the very scholars creating it. Whether chatting informally with our speakers before the lectures, or asking questions during the public Q&之后的会议, students engage in an intellectual experience that transcends the ordinary confines of the classroom.

A U N E graduate student uses a microphone to ask a C G H speaker a question


For graduate students on the UNE Portland Campus for the 健康 科学s, the center offers the opportunity to infuse their studies with the methods of critical thinking, 容忍歧义, and contemplation of personal values that the humanities encourage. Engagement with the center’s topics also helps these budding health professionals to better understand how their work will fit within the larger human story.

A community member asks a question from the audience of a C G H lecture


正规澳门赌场网络的教职工, 专业人员, 以及公众, CGH offers the opportunity to embrace life-long learning, which is so crucial to our continued evolution as individuals as we encounter each new life phase.

A 全球人文中心 lecture speaker standing at podium


访问学者, CGH offers a world-class speaking venue with professional audio as well as high-end photography and videography that give many of our lectures a wide reach on the CGH YouTube主页, where some of our videos have accrued more than 100,000 views.

Interested in connecting or collaborating with the 全球人文中心? 联系CGH主任Josh Pahigian cgh@peculiartreasuresjewelryonline.com.


CGH events are always free and open to the public.


Musa al-Gharbi - The Bifurcation of America (and Other Countries)

Catherine Liu - What is Trauma in a Digital Age?

Zizi Papacharissi - Reimagining Democracy

Richard Reeves - The Peculiar Condition of the Human Male


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